Fahmaan Khan enters Bigg Boss 16 as wildcard and Sumbul Touqeer can’t be happier.

Fahmaan Khan
Fahmaan Khan

Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta lashed out at Sumbul Touqeer in the latest Bigg Boss 16 episode. Here’s how Sumbul fans reacted to Shalin and Tina shouting at her. Meanwhile, actor Fahmaan Khan entered the Bigg Boss house to support his co-star Sumbul. He will be seen as the first ‘wildcard entry’.

A promo of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16 was released by ColorsTV on Thursday, in which an angry Shalin Bhanot is seen criticising Sumbul Touqeer for not leaving him alone. Tina Datta is also seen angry at Sumbul, accusing her and her father of assassinating the actor’s character on national TV. In another promo, Sumbul’s friend Fahmaan Khan will also be seen entering the Bigg Boss house as a ‘wildcard entry’. Sumbul and Fahmaan worked together in the popular show Imlie.

n the first promo, Shalin told Sumbul in the presence of other contestants in the living room not to talk to him and Tina and to stay away from them. “Why the f*** is she talking to us… door raho… hamari kya galti hai, wo khud he aa rahi hain (stay away from Tina and me, what is our fault when Sumbul keeps coming to us to talk),” Shaleen said while kicking a table inside the living room. Responding to him Sumbul said, “Tumse kab ayi baat karne main (when did I come to talk to you).”

It appeared that Shalin and Tina might have become aware of the telephonic conversation between Sumbul and her father, wherein the latter had made derogatory statements against Tina and Shalin, and asked his daughter to show them their ‘aukat (place)’ on national TV.

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