Bigg Boss 16: Shekhar Suman imitates MC Stan; his rap song leaves the housemates in splits

Shekhar Suman

With the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss 16, Shekhar Suman has been entertaining both the viewers and the housemates with his segment. Well, the host comes with a Roast segment every Sunday and talks about what he observed from the contestant’s performance during the entire week.

This time Shekhar Suman is back with another banger, not with the monkey but he imitates MC Stan, he will be seen donning the same hairdo as Stan’s and rapping for the housemates. Well, as we know the format is Roast, he will be roasting the housemates through his rap song.

In the promo we see, Shekhar Suman begins with his rap exactly how MC Stan does and praises Nimrit. He calls Archana ‘Shemdi’ the same way as Stan does and continues singing that till Nimrit is the queen of the house, her friends will be safe. Amid everyone enjoying the rap song, Tina and Shalin seem a little out of place.

Previously, In the Shanivaar ka Vaar episode, a fan had questioned Tina about ‘Why she is so possessive about Shalin’. she said “aapko kya lagta hai Shalin, Shah Rukh Khan hai? That everyone wants to be around him, may it be Soundarya or Sumbul.. he isn’t SRK so stop it. Also, you should be clear if Shalin is your friend or your boyfriend”. Tina gets surprised as she hears this and says that Shalin is only her friend

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