Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan scolds Priyanka Choudhary for ‘sacrificing’ Archana Gautam on national TV

Priyanka Choudhary

Shanivaar Ka Vaar episode will have host Salman Khan organise a game during which the contestants will express who they think are using some contestants for their own purposes or are being used by others in the name of friendship.

A new promo shows Salman Khan asking Priyanka Priyanka Chahar Choudhary to mention an incident when she had supported Archana Gautam. She replied that Archana herself attacks her so how could she support her. He accuses Priyanka, “National television par sachchi dikhne ki chaah mein aap apne dost ki bali chadhati hain (In order to look true on the national television, you sacrifice your friend).”

Fans, however, seem to take Priyanka’s side in the comments section. A viewer commented on the promo, “Archana doesn’t deserve anyone’s friendship anymore. She betrayed Priyanka in Every field. Either you look Priyanka’s nomination or Archana’s nastiest language and curse for Priyanka. Priyanka should maintain distance from her.” Another said, “Archana is entertainment but not good as a friend…she says so bad things about Priyanka as a friend bhai aisi friend Kisko chahiye (who needs such a friendship).” One more viewer said, “Biased creative team and biased anchor shame on you. Oak thoo.”

A bigger promo showed several other contestants taking part in the game and flushing tissue papers of the ones they think are being used by their fellow contestants in the house. The game starts with Archana who throws MC Stan’s toilet paper roll, claiming that he wants to say something but allows himself to be used in the name of friendship but this spoils his game. Priyanka also echoed her views and threw MC Stan’s toilet paper roll.

During the game, Sajid Khan went on to throw Archana’s toilet paper roll, claiming that she is sometimes used by Soundarya Sharma and sometimes Priyanka.

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