Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan mocks Tina Datta for using her manager’s name inside

Tina Datta
Tina Datta

Bigg Boss 16’s latest Shukravaar Ka Vaar was an eye opener for many contestants. Salman Khan schooled Tina Datta for dragging her ‘good friend’ Zoo zoo and managers name inside the house.

He also mocked her using her manager’s name which got Tina Datta emotional eventually. In the latest episode, host Salman asked the contestant to stand in one line behind the couch and mentioned how one of them keeps using names of her manager and a close friend.

He revealed it is none other than Tina Datta. Salman Khan explained to the other housemates how Tina keeps using Zoo Zoo and her managers name all the time in the house.

At a few instances she even threatened a few contestants like Archana taking her close friend’s name. Salman mocked Tina Datta’s manager for trying to force Shalin and Tina to have a fake love angle in the house when they do not want to. He revealed during the conversation the PR’s name and also shared that she is Shalin and Tina’s mutual friend.

Towards the end, Tina bursts into tears saying that she wants to talk to Salman in private. The host calls her into the confession room and Tina pours her heart out that she doesn’t have friends in the house. She also complains that Shalin is extremely rude, disrespectful and aggressive towards her but she is scared to take a stand for herself because she fears losing her only friend in the house.

Salman motivates her and asks her to play her game individually and not be dependent on anyone. He shares that contestants who have played individually have won their seasons.

In another instance, Sreejita De was seen calling Tina and Shalin highly insecure and narcissistic people. She says both are meant to be together as they are very similar. They both know that they are using each other for the game. Soundarya Sharma agrees with Sreejita De.

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