Bigg Boss 16: Priyanka Chahar is shocked to read Ankit Gupta’s statement about her; throws dirty water on him

Priyanka Chahar and Ankit gupta
Priyanka Chahar

In the upcoming promo of Bigg Boss 16, we see Salman Khan talking with Ankit Gupta. He says, “Ankit, you must give advice and explanation to the ones who are ready to listen to your advice.”
Ankit replies, “Sir that’s why I stopped telling her anything.” Priyanka feels heartbroken listening to Ankit’s conversation.

Further in the promo, Salman shows Priyanka what Ankit had said about her. “Game ke alawa kuch aur baat karti hi nahi hai, main toh yaar kuch bol bhi nahi sakta usko, main jab bolta hun… she says mujhe mat batao (Other than the game she doesn’t talk about anything else, I cannot even tell her anything. Even if I do, she asks me not to).”
After reading his statement, Priyanka looks shocked and hurt. She says, “Ankit wow…” In the video they all were doing a task where they had to throw dirty water on the person they want to call out or think is not doing well.

Priyanka calls Ankit and throws the muddy water on Ankit’s face and walks away from there. Later, Ankit tries to talk to her but Priyanka is not in the mood to listen as she is angry and hurt by Ankit’s behaviour and deception.

Priyanka tells Ankit “Mere bare mein kya bata rahe ho main kya game khelne aayi hoon tere saath, tu achhe se janta hai mera nature game khelne wala hai nahi…Tera nature hai game khelne ka” (Do you think I have come here to play games with you know it very well that I don’t play games…It is you who plays games)

Ankit tries to stop her and holds her hand but she asks him to leave. Ankit retaliates, “Have you lost it or what? Do you think I am a fool?”. Priyanka yells back at him, “You think I am a fool, leave my hand and stay away from me!”

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