Bigg Boss 16: Pratik Sehajpal Slams Nimrit Ahluwalia And Tina Dutta

Pratik Sehajpal

Bigg Boss 15 contestant Pratik Sehajpal said Nimrit Ahluwalia lacks honesty and does not deserve to be a finalist of Bigg Boss 16. He also pointed out that Soundarya Sharma is a “cunning fox” and Tina Dutta is not a “true friend”. While talking to the host Krushna Abhishek, Pratik said that Nimrit is still living in the first week of ‘Bigg Boss’, she doesn’t realise that a lot of time has passed and it’s time she starts focusing on her game solely instead of playing in groups.

He said: “Nimrit is still living in the first week of the house when she entered the house and became the first captain of the season. I think she should be made to do all the chores of the house on her own so that she opens up her eyes and wakes up a little.

Nimrit doesn’t have the quality to be a winner or even a finalist on the show. She lacks confidence and honesty. She thinks she is playing safe by staying in a group but that doesn’t work in this house.”

Pratik also revealed that Soundarya is very clever and Tina is not a true friend to anyone. Pratik added: “Soundarya is very clever, she thought she would reach the finale through Gautam Vig but after he got eliminated she’s very confused. I feel that she is playing a very smart game right now as she is getting along with Nimrit’s gang as they’re in majority as well as with Archana Gautam for content and footage. She’s definitely a very cunning fox.”

On being asked about Tina’s game, Pratik shared: “Tina is not a true friend to anyone. Once you become a friend of someone you have to stand by them no matter what but she’s just making deals in the house. Begging people to save you from nominations or making you the captain of the house and only then you’ll remain friends with them is not right and this is all she’s doing. I don’t think this will take her ahead in the game.”

Krushna Abhishek-hosted show Bigg Buzz saw the evicted contestants from Bigg Boss playing interesting games and giving their opinions about the housemates without any biases.

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