Bigg Boss 16: Gauahar Khan questions Tina Datta for leaving Shalin Bhanot: ‘Why are you demeaning him?’

Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan criticised Tina Datta for saying that her dignity is at stake, when people talk about her equation with Shalin Bhanot.

Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan has questioned Tina Datta’s attitude towards co-contestant Shalin Bhanot on the ongoing reality show, Bigg Boss 16. Tina and Shalin’s equation was the topic of discussion on Sunday’s episode, right from the beginning.

Gautam Singh Vig suggested that Shalin should let Tina speak about her feelings, and not just keep confessing his own. Gautam was responding to Shalin’s statement that Tina is not too clear about their equation and treats everything like a game.

Soon, Sajid Khan was seen asking Tina to avoid keeping things hanging and either stay away from Shalin or confess her feelings for him. Sajid said, “I thought you both like each other, and yesterday on camera you dropped him like a hot potato and this affected him.” Tina then told the filmmaker, “I asked him to stay away from because I am not possessive, but people think I am possessive about him. We must correct our actions and not let our actions come across as such”.

Responding to it, Gauahar tweeted late Sunday, “Tina literally drops Shalin every time something is said about their very evident equation. Whyyy ??? She says it’s bad for her dignity… to have feelings is something bad or low?? Us bechare ko neecha kyun dikha rahe ho (why are you demeaning him)? You have said I love you to him and looked towards the camera too, own it!”

Sajid had also asked if Tina was confused and she told him, “I am not at all confused, when I have no idea about his past at all, how can I fall in love with that person?” Sajid then told her that she must be careful so as to not lose the winner’s trophy and also get a bad reputation in the process.

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