Bigg Boss 16 contestant Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia’s mother on her daughter’s breakdown

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia
Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia

Choti Sardarni actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, who is locked inside the Bigg Boss 16 house, recently had an emotional breakdown on national television. Nimrit shared her feelings on camera as she feared of being judged by the housemates. The actress cried her heart out in front of Bigg Boss and asked him if the conversation is only between them. While Nimrit’s army of fans showered love and support, there were many other who took to social media to judge her.

We got in touch with Nimrit’s mother Inderpreet Kaur Ahluwalia, who is a Principal at a school shared that she cried seeing her daughter’s emotional breakdown and also spoke what she thinks about people judging Nimrit.

“To be very honest, as a mother I was feeling very restless for the last couple of days as if I knew that she wasn’t doing well. When I saw her crying right in front of me on the TV screen, tears couldn’t stop rolling down my eyes. When I saw that my child was shattered, shaken up, vulnerable, my heart reached out to her, and I just wanted to go and hug her. In fact both me and my husband broke down, just seeing our child crying in the confession room. When she said that, “Bigg Boss I hope it is between both of us’’, I realised that she didn’t want anyone to judge her. I am glad she had the courage to seek help. I appreciate that Bigg Boss advised her to share her feelings with someone she was comfortable with,” she said.
When asked if she knew about Nimrit’s mental health condition, she said, “While playing the lead in the show ‘Choti Sarrdarni’ she suffered from mental health issues and was diagnosed with ‘Chronic fatigue’. She took a short break and was put on medication. Nimrit was strong and didn’t let this stop her. She bounced back and continued giving her best to the show. After a year, when she exited the show and took a sabbatical to wean herself from medication and to work towards her mental well being. Her doctors are of the view that her temporary weight gain over the past few months is a consequence of the medication.”

While taking to Bigg Boss, Nimrit asked if the conversation is between them and also how she doesn’t people to judge her. But people on social media are still doing it what’s your say?

“Nimrit chooses to live her life to the fullest and continues to work and entertain everyone in Bigg Boss 16. She has never shied away from talking about mental health as she felt she could make a difference and sensitise people about it. In fact, she herself was very much inspired by Deepika Padukone, who as a successful actress didn’t shy away from talking about the subject. On a platform like Bigg Boss, everybody and anybody judges the contestants. All those who saw her breaking down and the very fact she wanted the conversation between her and Bigg Boss and not in front of other housemates, clearly shows that she wanted help and the first step to deal with such a situation is to talk about it, to speak to someone who won’t judge you.”

She further added, “I am proud of my girl as it takes courage to come out in the open. She is a very confident, mature girl who is real and doesn’t shy away from being whatever she is. Despite whatever she has gone through in life, Nimrit is living her dream of being an actor. She is still there, strong, confident and handling herself gracefully. That’s what matters the most.:

On being asked about the comments and trolls saying that the breakdown happened due to jealousy with co-contestant Priyanka as the latter is doing well, “It doesn’t bother me what people have to say, because I know that my daughter is being true to herself. I am thankful to her well wishers and all her fans who have come out on social media platforms to support Nimrit. Personally, I feel that in today’s time so many people are suffering from mental health issues but there is a stigma related to it. We need to create awareness and try to be empathetic about it,” concluded Nimrit’s mother.

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