Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam refuses to take the punishment after breaking the rules

Archana Gautam

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, host Salman Khan schooled Sajid Khan, Archana Gautam & others, Bollywood superstar Kajol made it to the show for the promotion of her upcoming movie & more. However, that wasn’t all, in the promo Bigg Boss gave a punishment to contestants who have recently broken rules. Archana Gautam refused to follow the rules and goes against Bigg Boss. She said “Bigg Boss aapka zaada ho raha hai”.

After several contestants broke a number of rules recently, Bigg Boss asked the other contestants to continuously splash cold water on them. Priyanka was seen taking the punishment and following the same. However, Archana didn’t do it and refused to follow the rules further. Nimrit said that “you aren’t a VIP and should follow the rules”. She responded and said “meko thanda pani nai jamta, me bimar pad jaugi.. I won’t follow the rules”. Archana then lost her calm and said “Bigg Boss aapka bhi zaada ho raha hai”.

Fellow contestants calmed Archana down and asked her to take the punishment but she refused to understand. Bigg Boss then made an announcement and said that he will give a punishment to the entire house because of Archana. This brewed more fights and drama in the house.

The latest episode saw Sumbul’s dad, Tina’ mom & Shalin’s parents making it on the show and having a heated argument as well. They talked about Sumbul’s dad’s conversation with his daughter and how he used foul language against Tina & Shalin. Moreover, Fahmaan Khan came on the show for the promotion of his upcoming show as well.

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