Bigg Boss 16: ‘Angry’ Bigg Boss fires Gautam Singh Vig from captaincy

Gautam Singh Vig

Bigg Boss 16 is getting more intense and interesting with each passing day, and the contestants are leaving no stone unturned to add more spice to each episode. It has been four weeks since the participants entered the glass-walled house of Bigg Boss 16, and many fights, arguments, and disagreements have already occurred.

The audiences witness a major turn of events after every Weekend Ka Vaar episode, and the makers are promising non-stop entertainment in the upcoming episodes as well. 

In the last Shanivaar Ka Vaar episode, Gautam Singh Vig chose the captain position over the house ration and became the captain of the house. Shocked and confused contestants lashed out at Gautam for his inhuman and selfish decision.

During his captaincy tenure, Gautam neglected his duties and was only communicating with his girlfriend, Soundarya Sharma. Gautam had assigned duties to the housemates, which were not followed by them in order to protest against his decision.

While talking to Gautam, Soundarya Sharma also failed to follow the house rule and was often seen speaking in English. Being the house captain, it was Gautam’s responsibility to make the contestants follow all the rules, which also meant that the contestants must strictly talk in Hindi.

Due to his reckless performance as a captain, Bigg Boss gets furious at Gautam. Bigg Boss lashes out at Gautam as the rules of the house were not followed and fires him from his captaincy. This can be watched in the 2nd November episode. 

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