Bigg Boss 16: After Shiv Thakare holds Shalin Bhanot’s neck, Gauahar Khan asks ‘shouldn’t Shiv evict himself?’

Shiv Thakare

Gauahar Khan has tweeted about Shiv Thakare asking if he will ‘evict himself’ for holding Shalin Bhanot’s neck, just like he ‘evicted’ Archana Gautam for choking him.

Gauahar Khan and many viewers of Bigg Boss 16 have commented on how Shiv Thakare physically abused Shalin Bhanot in the latest episode. Many have asked if host Salman Khan will evict Shiv as well in the upcoming Shukrawar Ka Vaar episode. Shiv held Shalin by his neck and pushed him back during a fight on Thursday’s episode. This comes few days after Archana Gautam was evicted from the Bigg Boss house by trying to choke Shiv by holding his neck.

Commenting on Shiv’s use of violence against Shalin, Gauahar Khan tweeted late Thursday night, “Shiv literally held Shalin’s face and pushed it back, near his neck. So shouldn’t Shiv evict himself? Bully! Shalin did not do anything wrong, he got unnecessarily abused by MC Stan. His language is so so bad. Sick that whole group is full of bullies!”

Following this, many viewers also asked on Twitter if Shiv will be punished for his actions just like Archana was for hers. A viewer tweeted, “Bigg Boss don’t be biased on tomorrow’s episode. Shiv ne haath uthaya hai Shalin pe so hope aap apne team member Shiv ko bhi saza doge, don’t be biased ki wo aapke team pe hai so. Like aapne jaise Shalin ko saza diya tha woise hi Shiv ka Banta hai.

Hoping for no more biases (Shiv has raised his hand on Shalin so we hope you will punish Shiv).” Another wrote, “Bigg boss team or Endamol team aaj ke episode me Shalin ke saath bahot galat huva hai or Bigg Boss ne koi decision bhi nahi liya hai Shalin ko Shiv ne or MC Stan ne mara hai tabhi Bigg Boss ko nahi dikhega or Archana ne Shiv ko mara to pure ghar ne archna ko nikala ye konsa game (Shalin was wronged in today’s episode and Bigg Boss didn’t take any action against him. Bigg Boss didn’t see Shiv and MC Stan beating up Shalin but the housemembers evicted Archana for doing the same with Shiv. What is this game)?”

A viewer also wrote on Twitter, “Shiv has also raised his hand against Shalin while he was just defending himself from MC now there should be some action taken against Shiv from Bigg Boss and Sajid should not favour Shiv as he is also being involved in violation as Sajid said earlier that he is against violation.”

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